Sunday, February 5, 2012

As of late....

So Christmas has come and gone...The New Year came in while I almost watched my husband die. (Jay and him were shooting fireworks off at each other...I married such a smart guy;) I started school again...and it is almost valentines day! I desperately need to take more pictures when Tyler and I do things so I have something to show.
So...Tyler had his birthday in January and for his bday i got him Zach Brown Band Tickets! I bought them almost two months in advance. I even kept them a secret from him:) I was so so excited to give him his tickets the night before we were supposed to go. I had the perfect plan on how to present them to him....So when the moment came...and I gave them to him, and he looked at them...all he did was chuckle, and say ha! I knew it.  Oh man...he did NOT know it! I had him convinced we weren't going! Oh well eh? So we went to the concert:) Ps. I have never been to a concert before, so this was pretty cool to me to go to my first one! We had decent seats. Here are some pics from the phone...

It was honestly pretty sweet. 

So this next picture is monumental. We went bowling with Tyler's old comp and his date. And you see on the scores below, I beat Tyler. This has never happened. (Well actually I beat him last night as well, but he stopped trying. So it didn't really count).

Well, I know this is a short post...I was planning on posting a lot of my wedding photos, but I did post them on facebook! So go and look there:) However, here are a few of my favorite pics.

There you go! Love that husband of mine. I am the luckiest girl in the world:)


  1. I love that you didn't tell him! that's flipping amazing! also- pictures. they are awesome.

  2. Super cute picks! You two look Super Happy! :)

  3. You had never been to a concert before?! WHAT?!!! I'm glad you finally got to go to one. :)