Friday, December 23, 2011

New blog!

Well, I am married to honestly the most amazing guy in the world.  I think that it is interesting how everyone says am I cliche? Yes. Do I care?  not really.  I tried pretty hard to think of a clever title for our new blog....but I couldn't think of anything!  So I decided to just call it loving life cause well, I really am loving life.  A year ago, I wouldn't ever ever believe that I could be this happy. So, I have received my pictures from the wedding, but I accidentally left them at my parent's house! So I can't post any pictures of the wedding.  But I do have some pictures from some of the events of our married life thus far.
Right after we got married, we went on a cruise with Tyler's Family for their family vaca.  We decided that this would be a good event to count as our "Honeymoon". It was so much fun. We were able to go snorkeling, swimming in the ocean, and we even got to swim with dolphins! Tyler's mom has all of the good pictures, so I need to get them from her.  I would upload more pictures that i have, but my computer is being really wierd and it isn't uploading it correctly!  Oh well. I will add more at a different post. 

So we live in Provo, we don't absolutely love it. It is hard for tyler trying to do online school but that is where I got a job!  And i love my coworkers and the school in general.  I figured I would upload some pictures of my classroom:)  I think it is pretty neat.

We went to my Family's house for Thanksgiving this year and while we were there, we went out to our ranch and we cut down a Christmas Tree! Tyler is a bit of a grinch during Christmas Time. But he was a good sport and let me get a real tree.  We shrink-wrapped it and we threw it in the trunk and brought it up to our apartment in Provo.  I thought it turned out quite nice:)

Also, a new commodity in good ol Provo that Tyler and i have discovered is Bingo night/Half Price Appetizers at Applebees on Wed. nights at 9:00! We invited some friends to come along with us:) Tyler won on blackout!  I was so proud;)

We also will go bowling on occasion, and on our second round, we decided to do different bowls...after a while I was tired of getting gutter balls....and when I started trying again, I STILL got gutter balls.  Nice. I am so proud.

And to end this post, ice skating.  We were invited last night to go with some of Tyler's friends.  It was quite a bit of fun:)  Until  I plowed this little kid over...yikes.

Tyler and his skating expertise.
Our Friend Mitch and his date, Kim, With Kendal and Megan in the background.

 Well, that is all i have for now!  I am sorry that i have taken so long to write on here!  but thank you for being patient.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all of that:)
Love you all of you readers.